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As a century old brand, Tata Global Beverages boasts of a heritage of its own. However, the brand which had been catering to a B2B model as Amalgamated Plantations Private Limited, wanted to enter and establish itself in the B2C segment.


return on ad spends in 4 months during lockdown


avg. FB Ad click-through rate (~2X the avg. CTR of 0.9%)


organic engagement rate on Linkedln (3X the avg. rate of 4%)


organic views for the 1st webinar hosted


The primary purpose was to drive sales directly from the brand’s own assets and through Amazon, with a focus on creating a strong brand presence and increasing profitability. The challenge was to do so during the crucial lockdown period.


  • Improving and leveraging the available resources before acquiring new assets
  • Upgrading the website and server for optimum e-commerce practices
  • Setting up Facebook and Google tracking assets
  • Integrating analytics for data modelling
  • Maintaining an inventory for Amazon and the website to sell and deliver optimised results


We achieved an exponential increase in sales, primarily driven by Facebook Catalog and Google Merchant Center. Remarketing was done to drive additional sales from the website.

Moreover, maintaining consistency on social media accounts, not only did we create a prominent presence for the brand, we also launched its proprietary webinar series featuring industry leaders.

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